Narfe Chapter 1162 Constitution

Click on link below to view constitution:

Chapter 1162 Constitution

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Revised Chapter 1162 Bylaws

Click on links below to view current and revised bylaws:

Current Chapter 1162 Bylaws

Revised Chapter 1162 Bylaws 2019


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NARFE Chapter 1162 Special Meeting August 20, 2016 Cancelled

The NARFE Chapter 1162 special meeting that was to be held this coming Saturday morning August 20th has been cancelled due to an insufficient number of attendees registering.
NARFE members are now very fortunate that NARFE has been offering the Federal Benefits webinars monthly which are free for members and are recorded on the website.  There are currently 8 recorded webinars on the website for members viewing including such topics as “5 year Countdown to Retirement”, “Will You be Ready For Retirement?”, What’s Your Best Retirement Date”. Next webinar will be September 15th at 2 p.m Eastern time the subject “Post-Retirement Checkup.
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